The Castle of Epaux-Bézu, a magnificent building of the 19th century, hosts the LIZIERES project.


Located in the village of Epaux-Bézu, 86 km east of Paris, the site was chosen for its advantageous geographical location: at a national level at the crossroads of Ile-de-France, Picardy and Champagne–Ardenne regions and at an international level, France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The layout of the estate allows different activities to live together in harmony and to bond with one another depending on the program :


The buildings restoration has been conceived in respect of the heritage and the environment. At present, the “château” building is operating and the others are in the renovation process.

The architectural heritage of Lizières’ buildings, as well as its natural surroundings, is emblematic of the town of Epaux-Bézu. Built during the Second Empire, it had suffered important deterioration until it was renovated on Ramuntcho Matta’s initiative.

Building 2 : The little barn

Located in a protected natural zone, this barn is equipped with a remarkable structure and will be converted into an autonomous life space including accommodation and working areas for one artist or researcher.

Building 3 : The former staff housing and its annex

This building will host accommodation for interns and/or artists in residence. A Center of Resources and Documentation on LIZIERES will also be accessible here with prior appointment.

Building 4 : The workshops

This former stable will host artist workshops, concerts, projections, exhibitions…

Building 5: The dovecote

This building will be converted into an independent apartment to host an artist and her/his family (speaker, writer…)

Building 6 : The carpentry house

This former carpentry workshop needs a total renovation to become the watchman’s house and to host the Production and Research workshops as well as the Creation Labs.

A few information concerning the castle renovation :
Two materials were used in order to emphasize the natural splendor of the spaces : wood and stone.
The interior of the castle (1000m2) was influenced by the style of the 50s.

Ombra Bruno from the architect’s office BEMaa was in charge of this project.

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