A non-profit organization created on September 18th 2009  to help carry out  the LIZIERES project.

This association is dedicated to:

  • Distinguish, host and promote by all means, and by all mediums, every activity related to art and well-being in France and abroad.
  • Fully invest into furthering the development of LIZIERES and all the activities that will be carried out by it, both locally and abroad.
  • Ensure the conservation and development of its tangible personal and real property, collecting all financial support for this purpose: receiving donations and organizing sales.

The association’s main board is integrated by : Dr. Pedro Serra: President, Pierre Lanneluc: Vice President, Dominique Brisson: Secretary and Anne Barrault: Treasurer.

The administrative board is currently integrated by: Dr. Pedro Serra, Pierre Lanneluc, Ombra Bruno, Emilie Le Gulvout, Anne Barrault and Dominique Brisson.

This board is accompanied by a Council of the Wise that is in charge of ensuring the project’s cohesion, defining the annual artistic line and providing LIZIERES with its international Know-how.

Currently, the Council is integrated by the experts:

Laurie Anderson (Art, Multimedia), Dr Jean-François Masson (Medicine), Richard Nonas (Sculpture), Lou Reed (Taichi, Music, Literature), Eko Sato (Fashion, Design), Dr Pedro Serra (Psychiatry), François Zimeray (Human Rights), Gregorio Manzur (Tai Chi), Valérie Le Huche (Art movement), Molly Nesbit (contemporary art).


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